Case Study 2
Case Study 2

This case study details the value delivered under F3 Technology Partners’ Managed Services to a member owned and operated full service financial institution in the Midwest with over 75,000 members and 22 locations.  The primary business application is DNA from Fiserv, a core banking platform using Oracle database on the backend.  F3 Technology Partners was contracted to provide remote monitoring and support services for the Oracle database backing DNA.

F3 quickly discovered that the client’s newly installed DBMS was running without logging, and had no proper DBMS backup procedures. F3 immediately configured these facilities, as well as installing and configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager in support of F3’s 24x7 monitoring.

F3 has aided with the installation of standby database environment, improved performance significantly, ensured backups and production run smoothly, and helped with disk space issues. F3 handled over 300 critical and about 360 warning event alerts in the first 4.5 months of monitoring. The rate of alerts fell from 160 in the first month to less than half that number, with few critical, in the fourth month. F3 investigates every critical alert as it occurs 24x7, and works with the client’s personnel to resolve issues, and maintain and improve the environment.

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