Oracle DB RMS to Financial Institution
Oracle DB RMS to Financial Institution

“Our organization has had a great working relationship with F3 Technology Partners over the last two years.  Our Information Technology group works directly with Oracle DBA’s on a variety of projects from normal day to day live monitoring of our three Oracle instances as well as engaging in large scale Oracle database projects such as installing and configuring Oracle instances from the ground up.  We provision the server, hand it off to F3 and they take control and complete the project from there.  For projects like this, it truly is a “turn-key” result and provides our own staff the required time resources to focus on other things which we know.  Our staff and resources don’t allow for the a full time DBA on staff, and by using F3 Technology Partners, they have added value with respect to efficiency and Oracle expertise on helping us manage our critical data.  Their staff is friendly, very easy to work with, and the DBAs make things easy for us to understand.  Since establishing a relationship with F3, we have had zero down time with our Oracle instances.  Our entire Information Technology group sleeps better each night knowing that F3 Technology Partners has a handle on all our Oracle instances and ensures we continue moving forward.”  –Anthony R.

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