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F3 Technology Partners (F3) is a Systems Integrator founded in 2007 in Hartford, Connecticut. F3’s focus is providing customers with cost effective technology solutions in a fast and flexible manner. IT organizations are being asked from their business units to provide more services, quicker and at a lower total cost. Our focus is to help reduce the time, effort and cost of delivering on these increased demands.

You can count on the blue triangle:

Our brand reflects our core belief in the vital importance a strong three-way partnership between supplier, customer and system integrator can be.  We formed our company based on that precept, and it informs everything we do. It drives the way we conduct business – strategically, for the long term.

F1: Our Customers.  We provide customers with transformative solutions that reduce the time, effort and cost of building and maintaining their IT infrastructure. Our solutions blend in-house, hybrid and cloud solutions in ways that best fit customer business needs and OPEX and CAPEX financing models.

F2: Our Suppliers.  We forge solid, trustworthy partnership with key strategic IT hardware and software partners. We understand their business positions and create solutions that benefit the supplier’s relationship with the customer.

F3: Us.  We’re the innovative glue that holds it all together. We have the smartest engineers in the business, and they also understand THE business perspective therefore delivering the highest level of service and most optimal IT solutions to our customers. We hold the value of the blue triangle.

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