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CIOs and CSOs are Investing in Security to Fuel Business Growth

By: F3 Technology Partners - Monday, April 17, 2017
>CIOs and CSOs are Investing in Security to Fuel Business Growth

Enterprises around the world, across industry verticals, are undergoing a major digital transformation. Digitization is enabling new business models and helping organizations accelerate their innovation, boost growth, and aptly respond to the evolving demands of their customers. 

However, the wave of digital transformation is also opening a whole new world of cybersecurity challenges for businesses. As a result, it’s driving enterprises to rethink and strategize their cybersecurity policies to deal with cybercriminals as they continue to find new ways to deliver malware, crack vulnerable databases, and utilize mobile technology to break into corporate defenses.

The 19th annual Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) reveals how enterprises are adopting innovative ways to manage security threats in this digitalized environment.

The GSISS, encompassing 10,000 companies, incorporates feedback from security executives around the world. The GSISS is results researched by PwC and includes responses of CIOs, CSOs, and IT professionals placed in various enterprises spread across 130 countries.

“Most organizations no longer view cybersecurity as a barrier to change or as an IT cost,” states PwC. Rather, forward-thinking enterprises are starting to acknowledge that cybersecurity investments can drive business growth, fuel competitive edge, and foster innovation.

Digital transformation is boosting security spending of leading organizations as they gradually begin to understand that privacy programs and cybersecurity initiatives are key enablers of trust and growth.  However, it’s not just large corporations that need to tighten their security policies.

Despite the common—and flawed—belief that cybercriminals target only big enterprises, small businesses and start-ups are not immune to the threat. Therefore, as the first step towards proactively monitoring and responding to threats and attacks, businesses — regardless of their size — need to build a comprehensive and broad based security strategy.

F3 Technology Partners’ team of security experts work in partnership with companies of all sizes to create, define and implement their security strategies. The experts at F3 recognize that accountability for cybersecurity has expanded to multiple organizational levels.  F3 believes that the strategy must include a collaboration between security and operations to secure high-value data and applications.

Nearly 52% of the companies acknowledged their reliance on managed service providers (MSPs), which help them amplify their cybersecurity capabilities. This trend will continue to go up.  F3’s managed services team offers companies custom-made services, specifically tailored in-sync with their organizational cloud, digital transformation and security needs.

With the rapid pace of digitization, businesses are under increasing pressure to transform to succeed— or even survive. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make strategic investments in security to build solid defenses against intrusions and keep your company data secure.

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