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What the Cloud Shift Means for IT Asset Managers

By: F3 Technology Partners - Monday, May 15, 2017
>What the Cloud Shift Means for IT Asset Managers

Money is moving to the cloud, says the new Gartner report, with an estimated $1 trillion in IT spending directly or indirectly related to the cloud shift in the next five years. 

The cloud, now being considered as the most disruptive force since the early digital age, is systemic to IT in many ways including storage, application development, security and management services, or as an overall technology solution.

Forward-looking enterprises are dramatically shifting to the cloud, packing up as soon as they can to gain an edge over their competitors. Traditional technology centric companies, still clinging on to conventional practices, will feel the heat if they can’t foresee what’s coming.

"Cloud shift is not just about cloud. As organizations pursue a new IT architecture and operating philosophy, they become prepared for new opportunities in digital business, including next-generation IT solutions," said Ed Anderson, Research Vice President at Gartner. "Furthermore, organizations embracing dynamic, cloud-based operating models position themselves better for cost optimization and increased competitiveness."

The advent of disruptive technologies like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is transforming and redefining traditional Software Asset Management (SAM), which has dominated the IT landscape for quite some time now. As new concepts like cloud computing, big data, and analytics converge, SaaS will broaden the scope of SAM, helping it to evolve into the next-generation asset management model — Technology Asset Management (TAM). 

At first, it was considered that the shift to the cloud is the beginning of an end for IT asset management (ITAM), but it turned out to be just the opposite. The cloud has not eradicated the need for ITAM or SAM; rather it has introduced transformative means to manage software more securely and effectively.

While the stress on old-fashioned on premise compliance continues to lessen, ITAM professionals will have to be on top of their game so that they are well versed in cloud-based licenses with a deep understanding of their organization’s position as far as cloud services and software are concerned.

Why shift to the cloud?

The agile architecture of the cloud allows IT asset managers to use a dynamic mix of services delivered by third party vendors and managed service providers, accessible via cloud-based licenses. Cloud-based software automatically updates to the latest versions, this means, organizations will always have access to the most updated version of the vendor’s software and services.

As conventional Software Asset Management increasingly transforms into a more comprehensive Technology Asset Management (TAM) model, IT departments will need both internal as well as external support from diverse lines of business to gain insight into how end users and managers procure and use applications.

It is the need of the hour for enterprises to enlist managed service providers (MSPs) and third party vendors to assist them in strategizing a game plan for the successful implementation of TAM, which will free their in-house technical personnel to focus on more critical initiatives.

Responsibilities of third party vendors and MSPs

IT asset managers, historically, relied on a typical combination of manually maintained spreadsheets and internally developed technology solutions. However, in recent times, the emergence of revolutionary concepts like analytics is drastically transforming the IT landscape, pushing IT asset managers to look for more advanced solutions to deliver data-driven insights that boost real-time decision-making capabilities.

The success of IT asset managers, in this new era of cloud computing, will be closely tied to their capability to proactively work in sync with other lines of business. Shifting to the cloud means, IT departments will have to be more agile in willing to make necessary adjustments so that it can strike the right balance between the existing IT ecosystem and cloud environments to scale future growth.

There are MSPs in the market that offer mechanisms like technology disaster recovery planning, cybersecurity, and business continuity management as key components of their operational and business models.  F3 Technology Partners is Connecticut’s top MSP specializing in these services. They have the expertise to help organizations shift to the cloud while ensuring a balance of all the stakeholders needs.


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