Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

It’s very hard to stay current on technology when you have a day job of implementing repairing and managing it. What’s a shingled disk? How can I integrate cloud services into my current environment? What kind of hyper-converged or flash technology would work best in my environment? What future server architectures are possible?

Without a dedicated evaluation team, you’re often left to superficial technology reviews or self-serving vendor explanations, which of course all contradict each other. What does this stuff really mean, and how would it all work together?

F3 can provide in-depth reviews and explanations of the latest technologies, impartially reviewing the available technologies. Like a virtual CTO and team, F3 does the research and reports on the technologies that impact the enterprise.

Whether it’s a dedicated presentation to your team, or an open seminar (such as F3’s Talking Shop series), we can help you understand what technologies are available to you and how to use them. Take advantage of F3’s decades of advanced technology experience.

Some of the topics we’ve researched and presented on include:

  • White box vs named vendor servers

  • VMware vs Hyper-V clustering

  • Data at rest encryption options

  • Hyperconverged environments

  • New and future disk technologies

  • Solid state storage, devices and arrays

  • How flash storage really works

  • SANs, VSANs, hyperconverged: what works where?

  • NVMe and PCIe fabrics for flash

  • Server memory configurations and CPU choice


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