Data Protection
Data Protection

Taking the “what if” out of critical data equation

Data is your most valuable asset, protecting production and archived data is a top priority. As data grows from terabytes to petabytes, organizations are looking for storage strategies that incorporate innovative technology, lower TCO and add diversity to their data center. Traditional backups cannot meet yesterday’s SLAs with today’s explosive data growth.

Per Gartner, unstructured data is now constituting 60% to 80% of data center storage. A quick fix has been to add more storage, although this method has become an inefficient and costly resolution. F3 is proficient in designing storage solutions that combine enterprise storage, cloud storage and software-defined storage solutions to offer optimal data protection and backup.

Storage and backup solutions have been at the core of our business since 2007. F3 can help companies like yours build a storage and backup strategy that lowers your total cost of ownership, decreases your backup time and protects your data. 

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