Your greatest asset at risk

Your company’s greatest asset is your data and is under constant attack from cyber criminals.  The threat landscape continues to evolve in the number of new attacks and level of sophistication. Some predict the annual global costs from cybercrimes could be as high as $6 trillion by 2021.  Ask yourself what would happen or the impact be to your Company if your most sensitive data was stolen or encrypted without a means to unencrypt your data?

What are the damages associated with a cyber-attack?

F3 can provide products and services to help protect your company; our difference is in our approach.  Your strategy, data and security concerns are unique to your business.  F3 employs a consultative style to understand it. We further investigate through a recommended Security Assessment. We work with you to determine the depth required for this assessment, including performing Pen or Penetration Testing.  F3 security assessments provide a baseline for where your company is today, identify vulnerabilities and gaps where enhancements can be made, and provide guidance and recommendations for advancements to lower risk. 

F3 works with your company to ensure the highest levels of security, visibility and control of their infrastructure to detect and prevent risks with the goal of protecting your most valuable asset; your data.

The growing numbers of high-tech cybercrimes pose a real threat to today’s businesses. And with all the data being generated by users, applications, and customers, organizations need to become more proactive in preventing a security breach. As the saying goes, it’s if, not when you will be attacked.  Per 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, 71% of companies say their global network has been compromised by a cyber-attack.

Let the collaboration begin on your security strategy with F3 Technology Partners today!

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