NetApp Data Fabric-Architecture Fundamentals

IT professionals today are seeking ways to accelerate innovation by taking advantage of technology trends with cloud, object storage, open source, converged infrastructures, virtualization, flash, containers, and software-defined storage, to name a few. Applications are largely stateless: they can be rapidly spun up and down in various environments. Data, however, is stateful and often served by independent data stores or databases. Data has value: it is an important asset on which businesses depend. Data has mass: it takes time to move it and resources to store it. Data has temperature: it has different degrees of accessibility at any point in time. All of these properties of data are dynamic, which makes comprehensive data management necessary.  IT needs a secure, seamless way to manage applications and data across clouds, regardless of their underlying storage systems. When clouds are connected, IT is able to draw from the resources of each, move data and applications to new cloud services, and put every workload in the most appropriate place.  

Readers who seek a high-level understanding can read sections 1, 2 and 5 and skip over the technical information in sections 3 and 4.  

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