Ransomware Prevention Checklist

Ransomware is malware that infects a system via a computer or endpoint and locks out critical information, websites, applications, etc. In order to disarm the ransomware and regain access to data or applications, affected healthcare companies have to pay the hackers.

More and more, hackers are turning their attention from banks and financial institutions to healthcare organizations. Why? Because they see healthcare companies as low-hanging fruit.

Not only is it relatively easy to infiltrate IT systems, by hacking medical devices, targeting new or uneducated employees and/or from general weak security systems – but also the information being protected is extremely lucrative to criminals.

Cybersecurity is a big concern for your healthcare customers. If hackers get their hands on Protected Healthcare or employee information, they can commit identify fraud. If they access procurement systems, they can redirect payments or steal narcotics. Even if they can’t access sensitive information, hackers can still make a profit by blocking access for healthcare employees using ransomware.

F3 Security Assessment Services

F3 provides a complete security solution tailored to YOUR business help protect YOUR assets.  F3 employs a consultative style to understand it. We further investigate through a recommended security assessment. We work with you to determine the depth required for this Security Assessment, including performing Pen Testing.  F3 security assessments provide a baseline for where your company is today, identify vulnerabilities and gaps where enhancements can be made, and provide guidance and recommendations for advancements to lower risk. 

F3 will consult with you to determine the depth of a customized security assessment needed to ensure the highest levels of security, visibility and control of your infrastructure to detect and prevent risks with the goal of protecting your most valuable asset; your data.

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